The Final

This week end brought the ending of the Olympics and the last episode of season 4 Downton Abbey. In both of those we all had our favorite events/athletes or characters. In the Olympics, there were many featured athletes with their life stories to how they got to the Olympics. Their struggles and frustrations that they encountered along the way.

Skijoring is the new sport that just might make it into the next winter Olympics. The World Championships are held right here in Whitefish, MT.; "Modern skijoring combines Whitefish's signature ski racing heritage with Big Sky Country's cowboy roots into a wild, fast-paced and entertaining spectator event."

In art, we also have our favorites. I have mentioned a few of mine throughout my blogs with tidbits on their work and life. It is fascinating to read about the lives of such masters as Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Michelangelo, Monet, Rembrandt, and many others. All geniuses in their own right; artists continue to learn and emulate their work. Each artist struggles alone in their work, growing at their own pace. It is a life time endeavor.

Here are 2 paintings for my Skies Proclaim Series.

The painting below was my experiment. I really wasn't happy with the way it was progressing. So, I decided to sand it down a bit with the intention of starting over. Low and behold, I am happier with those results. From here I will keep most of the underpainting. I have plans to make a few accents and final touches. 

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