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I kept looking at this painting from time to time. Finally, I decided what it needed, ducks. Wood ducks are the most colorful ducks I have seen and they fit well into my composition. These life mates are so charming. That also was a title, 'Life Mates', but I went with beachcombing instead.


There has been an outbreak of cabin fever. It’s an epidemic. My symptoms are the doldrums, boredom and listlessness. Any artwork I create reflects this. Regretfully, I even posted the last painting I created where one can clearly see the transference of my moods. The painting was blahhhhhhhh. No longer is it posted; delete, delete. N C Wyeth’s number one rule to his young artist son Andrew was to, ‘keep alive to everything’. I am not adhering to that rule as of late. So, it will be awhile until I am back to ‘alive’ paintings. Meanwhile, my sub-conscience will be incubating creativity. The way I will keep my hand into it is through sketches and capturing wonderful impressions on camera, those ‘alive’ moments.

Metalpoint - Silverpoint

Metalpoint was a way of drawing in the Renaissance (15th century). Lead or graphite was not in the tool box yet. I have been fascinated by the technique, so I thought I would try it. My husband made a silver nib for me to start with. Other metals such as brass, aluminum, gold and copper may also be used. Silver comes in different degrees of hardness, and they make lighter or darker lines. When drawing, there is a depositing of metal on the abrasive surface and this metal will oxidize over time. Silver turns into a nice brown. I may work in some copper for a bit of green and brass for light black. The surface needs to be prepared with a gesso ground. The gesso can be tinted a color. For best results, the support should be hard and rigid. I used a wood panel, sanding each layer of gesso smooth after they dried.

Sometimes, I am so excited about trying something new that I jump into it too quickly. Once I began, I noticed that I really should have put another layer of gesso on for a smoo…