What are you studying lately? For me it is clouds and scenes with water. I look at the light and how it plays on the various shapes in the scene. I work with in a warm or cool color palette. The small studies are the next step after sketches. By the 'study step', I have worked out the composition and colors to a point where I can make fairly quick work of the study. These studies then, end up looking fairly spontaneous. They can be a lot of fun. If they go well, these small pieces are transformed into larger pieces. My goal is to keep that same spontaneity in the large piece. I aim for the emotional qualities to be in the final artwork.

Yellowstone Art Museum Annual Art Auction 2019 (YAM)

I am very pleased to announce that, the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT has accepted these two paintings into their Annual Art Auction 51 for 2019. More details of this event go to

January 25, 2019 - March 9, 2019

Every year, the Yellowstone Art Auction raises crucial support for the exhibitions and educational programs that the Yellowstone Art Museum presents to the community year-round.
This year, the YAM is proud to offer three wonderful and distinct events, all in conjunction with the Yellowstone Art Auction. January 25th will kick off the festivities with Cocktails & Quick Finish and Special One-Night-Only Silent Auction. That evening will feature 10 quick-draw artists, a one-night-only silent auction of approximately 40 works, entertainment and hors d’oeuvres.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year


As artists we are constantly evolving in our work. The more I am feeling experimental and work with different media or subject matter the bigger changes I see. Somethings turn out satisfactory and some not so much. But what the heck. So far, when working in oils my main themes are still water and sky, lately, adding a third element which is waterfowl. The water element is the most important because it symbolizes life. It is a must for all living things. Sky is the spiritual element, looking into heaven and God reigning over all his creations. God being the alpha and the omega. The birds are the free element bringing the whole together, making a cohesive composition most figuratively.

'The things that we love tell us what we are.' 
St. Thomas Aquinas

Plans Change

Starting out, I was going for a triptych. Well, plans changed as I went along. In essence it wasn’t a true triptych, but all the same, each painting stands on it’s own. Along with using my sketches and photos for reference I find that my imagination comes into play more and more. I will get this sort of dreamy image in my head and I start to sketch up that idea. These current paintings are a product of my methods and dreams.

Draw In

The center of interest in a painting is what draws one into the scene. Think about the early days of advertising when the shop keeper used some sort of figure outside their shop. The wooden Indian is what comes to mind. One of my art professors would always push the idea of using a ‘wooden Indian’ in one’s ad campaign. Just something to draw attention and to say what you are selling. I still see barber shops still using their barber pole in front. In painting, isn't there one main area that got your attention in a scene to drive you to paint it in the first place? For me, I need to start with that bit in the painting. Once I get it right, the rest of the painting begins to fall into place.

I haven’t completed any of the 4 paintings I am working on yet. However, I felt the need to blog and show a detail of 'Blue Moon'.


Nothing stands still; everything changes. Some things never seem to change although we would like them to. We made a change and that leads to more changes and so on. I find myself motivated to make a big change in my artwork. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet but will once I start to get back into the process. Step 1 are the black and white sketches, playing with composition/design. Then a few color scheme ideas. The real grit comes at technique. Maybe a lean towards more simplification and abstraction. I do like the element of surprise as well. Lighting is always the main consideration, then mood follows. These are the ingredients for the emotional outcome. The refresh button for my brain will have to be push a few times until the artwork comes together, that goes without saying.

‘The Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows’
James 1:17