Happy Thanksgiving


Spiritual Sunrise

It never ceases to amaze me what I might wake up to living in the mountains. This is almost spiritual. I must admit I am already tired of winter that hasn't official begun yet, ( Dec. 21st). This is the earliest we have seen this much snow and cold. Having said all of this, I will paint some snowy scenes. How can I not.

Just off the easel is this fall water scene.

Snow White

The morning was a dark, cold one. I had no ambition to do anything, let alone paint. From my window I watched the cold front blow in with a blizzard. The wind let up slightly so I threw on a couple of layers and grabbed the camera. The best way to really feel the snowy atmosphere is to hike deep into the forest. Just to take it all in cleared my head to accomplish more that day.

Row Boat Memories

Fond memories are those we keep close and do not push back down further into the cerebrum. Those of the fun, happy moments in childhood like the times in a row boat fishing with your dad. There is something about being in a row boat drifting along on a quiet pond. Can't you just hear the little waves slapping against the side of the boat as you bob up and down. The best is digging into the worm bucket picking out a nice fat, squirmy piece of bait. Hook that poor fella on and fling the line out into the water. Sit and wait for a poor fish to swallow the bait and give a tug. If I was lucky the fish didn't eat the worm off the hook. Most of the time it did as I wait and wait unsuspected.

Row boats have been slipping into this new series of paintings I am working on. It is fun to add this human element. The boat also acts as the main character in the story that must be there.

What's The Story?

We watched the movie, ‘Woman in Gold’, last night. It is a good one. It is about Maria Altmann's fight to regain her family's paintings that were confiscated by the Nazis. This incident was about her struggle with the Austrian National Gallery to return the five paintings by Gustav Klimt. The movie is interwoven by her flash backs to her growing up in Vienna and escape to America. I found it to be a very compelling story. No spoiler alert here, you must see the movie or cheat and Google it.

In no way do I see such a story behind any of the art I create. However, each painting does have a story, not just for the artist, but also for the viewer. People get different feedback from the art they observe. Next time you view an art piece that you like, aside from the execution of it, what are you really thinking.

Summer to Winter

Literally, over night we went from summer into winter. The beginning of the week's temps were in the 80's. Wednesday was a cool 70's. Thursday the same with rain in the evening turning to freezing rain, then snow that continued nonstop through Friday. The thermometer on Friday did not go above 30 degrees. We put away our gardening tools and brought out the snow shovels. What happen to fall? We were looking forward to breakfast outside enjoying the fall colors. We need to be careful what we wish for. This much needed moisture did wonders to putting out the wildfires; burning well over 1 million acres.

Meanwhile, our Florida family is recovering from Irma. All is safe there. Perhaps some of this cooler weather can be sent their way, just a bit.


We collect grey water from our washing machine. I use the waste/grey water on the garden. Always good to recycle. Unfortunately, with the dry weather, the small critters jump into the water to meet their demise. I really do not despair over the mice, but the small chipmunks?  That chipmunk yesterday that was following me around the garden and chirping at me, was trying to tell me something. His friends jumped into the tub. Animals certainly communicate among themselves, why not with humans as well, or at least try.

I love dogs, mostly the large dogs. The two German shepherds we had were the best. We miss them dearly.  The two of them would have their disagreements, but usually got along well. They were very loyal and smart. As for most dogs, they can read your facial expressions and tone of voice. For the most part they could not communicate back to you as well. At best we read their behaviors. Too bad they could not tell us what was hurting or not. Perhaps all they hear is, ‘blah, bl…