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Softer Style

My technique is changing to one using more layers and glazes. This is leading to a softer style. This way of working requires more patience to wait for the paint layer to dry before adding more. Consequently, I find myself working on 4 to 5 paintings at a time. Well, it also keeps me from getting too bored. My sketches are also softer as I concentrate on laying down the shapes in gray tones.

Below are sketches for paintings I am working on.

I have begun to place more animals in my works. Using my neighbor's farm animals as models.

A closeup of the start of paint layering.

'Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter'

This is a newly published book, fresh off the press. It is an oversize book that richly catalogues Anders' life and work. The back section of the book is all colored plates, 85 of them. If you are into his artwork, it is the book to get.

I scanned these paintings from the book. First is the smaller study and then the final piece. I find it interesting how he went with a lesser emphasis on the light reflecting off the water in the final.

Study for ‘Summer Vacation’ 1886 Watercolor, 12 ¼" X 7 ⅜ "

‘Summer Vacation’ Watercolor 1886 28 ⅞" X 22 1/16"

Third Time is the Charm?

Art is a progression from start to finish, layering color after color. The whole process tries my patience as I just think, is it ever going to come together. I build on self- discipline to keep going at it, not to give up too soon. Patience is key; I tell my dog the same thing. He looks up at me with those doe eyes trying to decipher what I am saying. ‘Blahh, blahh, blahh,’then he cocks his head in confusion. ‘Wait!’ is the command he gets all too often and wait he does because ‘wait’ he understands. So, I wait for the various paint layers to dry. Perhaps I should slowly switch over to painting with acrylics.

The painting you see below has gone through 3 renditions of finished. I did receive a good critique from a fabulous artist who lives in the Seattle area. Maybe it is finished, but when are you through with a painting? Some say when you sign it. I have not signed it as yet. 

12" X 16" Oil

World Museum of Mining Art Auction Benefit

The World Museum of Mining will be auctioning off one of my oil paintings at their auction November 9th. Here is a link to their web site: . It is interesting to read their blogs and newsletters as well. Butte Montana has quite a colorful past.

Walk in the Light 18" X 24" Oil