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Opening Reception to Come

'Spacious Skies' Solo Exhibition The show is hung, radio interview is done, and the artist's reception is to come. April 30th, Thursday night 5pm -7:30pm is the reception which is free and open to all. Come join me and chat over a glass of wine & goodies.

Robert Heindel (1938-2005) - Illustrator_ Painter

Robert Heindel was an illustrator with a lucrative career. For two decades he painted dancers of all types. I am enamored by his capturing of the dancers in action and at rest. Take a look at just a few of his wonderful pieces.

2nd Painting


Color Burst

There are those scenes you come across that you must paint or else. Well, this was one of those scenes. It is a scene that has been conjured up from my memory banks of numerous observations and from my imagination. Just off the easel and hanging on the wall a waiting further interrogation. Interrogation would imply that the painting actually could talk. Perhaps it does speak, speaks to me and hopefully to others that view it.

Byzantine Art

Byzantine Art is fascinating to me. The mosaics in particular are just exquisite. Easter weekend I felt was a good time to write about the art and show some examples. The last paragraph is straight from Wikipedia. Happy Easter!

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Comes from the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, as well as the nations and states that inherited culturally from the empire. Though the empire itself emerged from Rome's decline and lasted until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453,many Eastern Orthodox states in Eastern Europe, as well as to some degree the Muslim states of the eastern Mediterranean, preserved many aspects of the empire's culture and art for centuries afterward.
A number of states contemporary with the Byzantine Empire were culturally influenced by it, without actually being part of it (the "Byzantine commonwealth"). These included Bulgaria, Serbia, and the Rus, as well as some non-Orthodox states like the Republic of Venice and the Kingdom…