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Stunningly Beautiful

The scenario is there before you. You spot a scene that is so stunningly beautiful to pass up. It can happen anywhere at anytime. Usually it is when you are without a camera or too fleeting to capture anything. All you have to work with is your memory to record the vivid detail. Well, such was the case around 5 pm yesterday. We were passing the fall meadow and among the aspens were a magnificent bull moose and a young moose revealing just his ears and head in the tall grass. We returned the next morning to take photos of their resting place. Enjoy the fall colors.

Painted Turtle

These last few days I have felt like this turtle. That is OK because we certainly can use the rain. I went out in the rain and took several photos down around Homestake Lake. It was quite nice being out there. The ducks did not like their photos taken; they swim away before you even get near them.

I have been slowly switching to Cobra water soluble oil paints. I really like working with them especially with my sensitivity to chemicals/solvents. For transparency and thinning I use Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel.

Patterns in Nature

Fall is a favorite for many. It will be here soon and the signs of fall are coming out. Captivated by the colors and patterns foliage produces, I just went out and took a few photos.

Triptych Progress

This project is going slower because I work on it in-between oil paintings. It is probably a better approach in that I can see it clearer after days away from it. Working on cold press water color paper is a challenge. It is almost like working on blotter paper. And that takes be back to art school with perspective drawing. We were assigned to do a plein air perspective drawing on blotter paper using markers. That paper really soaks up the media with no workable time. Using markers really gave one a headache with the fumes. Back to the current triptych, next time I will go with hot press where the working time is a bit longer.

Working On The Next Ones

Currently, I am working on 5 paintings. There is much to be said about painting miles and miles of canvas that leads to better quality work. I am working on that diligently. With winter approaching I need to get out and collect reference materials and studies for studio hibernation. And just outside my window wildlife are visiting more frequently. They are great for life sketching.