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180 About

The owl isn't the only 180 turn around here. This guy or gal, there is a pair, has been flying around our house in the heavy falling snow. The last 3 days has been accumulating to about 1 foot, today being the heaviest. Tomorrow is to be sunny and above freezing. The snow will then soon melt into a muddy slur. Not complaining, we need all of the moisture we can get.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

Artist Style

What is style when it comes to art? It is the particular way an artist puts down a stroke onto canvas or paper with the medium of choice. The other factors are many, like the subject matter and how the artist approaches the composition. Style is a distinctive quality of originality. A style comes about as you create many an artwork just trying to perfect your craft. It is in how the artist expresses their feelings into the artwork. Some styles stand out more than others. Take a Van Gogh work; how can you not recognize his work right away. Look at the emotion he puts into his works. Here is a collection of some of his paintings that I cropped to zoom in on the detail and brush strokes.

Drawing Blanks

Starting a painting is sometimes really difficult. You stare at the white rectangle in front of you. Your mind also goes blank. And you ask yourself, ‘What Am I doing?’. Probing your gray cells you search for an answer. Not finding any inspiration, I go for a long walk in nature on a beautiful day.

If you go to my website,  you will find some new additions. Two artists are sharing my ‘virtual studio’; JCB Metal Works and Patricia McCoy. Enjoy perusing their work.