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Art Center Gallery-Online Featured

My group of paintings titled 'Clouds Near Abstraction' was featured on Art Center College of Design on line gallery. Here is the screen capture of the site.

This painting 'The Source' is the cover painting. It is 24" X 30", oil on board.

Snowy Thanksgiving

The weasel dropped by looking for food perhaps. It is a 'Long Tailed Weasel' which is distinguishable by the black tip on the tail. In the winter their coat turns white; light brown in the warm months. It was moving around so fast that I did not have time to put the zoom lens on to get a good closeup.
Cute little fella!

Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Easel - 'May Snow'

The beginning of winter is a bit like the end of winter. The beginning is really in the fall. The end is actually in the spring. This painting I am working on is from a snow blast at the beginning of May. The difference here is there are bits of green starting to appear. Whereas, if this were in the fall; the green has turned to brown. The scene was while traveling west along the high-line towards Glacier Park.

The Oval Rabbit

'The Oval Rabbit" is really about the antique oval frame I have had for so long. It was about time that I painted something for it. Yes, a bit backwards to paint to fit the frame rather than the other way around.

In the Works


Slow Progressive Steps

This painting has been progressing slowly. Here it is in 3 progressions. I will leave it for a few more weeks to see if it needs anymore tweaking. More likely I have finished with it.