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What I have Learned from Gardening

Over the years of having a ‘yard’, I have resisted the desire to garden. Most of our property has been large areas of wild natural vegetation. I spent many a day wondering the forests and bush discovering the beauty in all species of plants and animals. Nature can be overwhelming and there is no taming it. However, I did find that I could control small plots and large pots close to the house. In these I would sow wild flowers suited to our zone. With a few successes, the next year I would plant more of the same. This has gone on for about the last six years. Last year in particular, I have gotten pulled into wanting more color around. Then, this growing season I find myself spending more time nurturing that color. Now I realize how I have actually learned what it takes to see results.

Mostly you need planning, patience, persistence, and stamina. You must see the parallel here already to creating a work of art. Still not an avid gardener by any means, gardening does jump start my day.…

Paris Gibson Square's 22nd Annual Art Auction

For several years in a row my work has been accepted into The Square's Art Auctions. This year is no exception, I am happy to announce. Three of my pieces will be auctioned off as full donations at the museum starting Saturday, September 14, 2019. More information on the fundraiser can be had at their web site, 
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
1400 First Avenue North
Great Falls, MT 59401

Each painting tells a story and each viewer interprets that story differently. Most of all, I want each viewer to come away with an emotional impression from my works. Of course, I try very hard for those impressions to be joyful, as the joy I put into creating. Art does indeed reflect it's creator and that creator's state of mind in creating. Along with joy I feel a calm and sort of peace when focused in the painting process. That calm comes from the scenes I am depicting. My hope is that emanates from my work as well.