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Fall Colors

What a beautiful Fall! Please enjoy the photos I have been taking over this last week.

The Thick and Thin

When painting this work I really pushed contrast in paint thickness. It is difficult to see on screen, but viewing in person you can observe where I used the white of the canvas in the water. The large rock is the thickest application.

Infusing Spilling Over

This painting was working with infusing the light and the figure of the bird. What drew me in was spilling the light over the bird. I really had fun with that; like putting the icing on the cake.

Easel Labor

Low of 32 this AM and some nice white stuff. Those are hydrangeas in the pots, just bloomed 4 very small flowers.
The tomato plants in the green house grew nice and big, also just grew a few flower buds. Zucchini plants have tiny squash on them, 4" the biggest. Oh well, there is always next year; earlier start. Haven't lost hope on this possible abundant harvest yet.

Laboring on these 3 paintings on the easels today. Should make some good progress.