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"Merry Christmas!"

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and loads of blessing in the New Year! These works are from the Serbian Church in Butte

'Let it Snow'

It bottomed out at -21 degrees around 3 AM this morning. A modest -3 now. Just went into town for lunch, not many people out and about. It is actually warmer up here at 7000 ft elevation than down in town by 12 degrees. Butte is around 5300 ft elevation. You bet we are staying in for the rest of the weekend.

'Lust for Life'

It has been awhile since I read 'Lust for Life' by Irving Stone, so I decided to pick up a copy to read once again. It is the fascinating story of Vincent Van Gogh in his tempestuous and dramatic life. Looking at his paintings how can I not want to add more passion into my work. Well, maybe not in the way he went at it.

Winter Ermine

This ermine or short-tailed weasel is the cutest creature. They help with keeping down the mice and voles. Our answer to a resident barn cat. The males are 30% larger than the females. Their coat is brown with white underneath and paws in summer/warm months.


2016 is coming to an end. We all ask, 'where has the time gone' ? Seems like the older I get the faster the time slips by. I look at what I have learned as I piled on the art mileage. There is always room for improvement; always learning. The painting above I under painted with gold acrylic. This water theme can go on forever, it is an endless subject..