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Forest Fires - Nez Perce

We all have been watching the news about the wildfires across the west. Here in Montana they are expected, but you want to think they won't ever be too close. I took this photo from our front porch today. This fire is know as the Nez Perce fire. It is small, about 50 acres, looking much larger. Fortunately, it is about 10 miles from us straight east across the divide. That said, it is the closest a fire has been to us since living here.

More Depth

For sometime now I have been looking at this painting thinking that it needed something. What I wasn't sure until today. What it needed was more depth. I achieved that by pushing back the background with a light blue glaze. Then I brought the foliage of the trees in the upper right corner more forward by making them darker.

On The Water

This painting is just off my easel. I haven't come up with a clever title as yet. I recycled the board from a painting I did awhile ago. No telling what parts of the old painting is peeking through.

Trout Art

This artwork has been selected to show at the 'International Trout Congress';  at the Emerson, in Bozeman, MT.
September 9 – November 27, 2016 Sept. 9th Opening Reception 5-8pm The Emerson is partnering with the International Trout Congress to curate two exhibits in the Emerson’s Lobby and Weaver Room Galleries this fall. This exhibit is in correlation with the Trout Congress’ first ever meeting in Bozeman from October 2 – 6th, 2016. The goal of this gathering is to explore and celebrate the intersections of trout with the arts, literature, education, socio-economics, science and conservation. To accomplish this they will bring together a diverse international community of people who are passionate about trout and trout conservation worldwide.