Etchings - James McNeill Whistler

Last week was the opening of a new art center in Butte. Butte Imagine Resource Center is in uptown Butte. They are promoting education and a place for artists to gather and exchange ideas all to promote and grow the arts in Butte. The main focus is on printmaking, as they have a large room with all sizes of presses and supplies available.

Etchings are great fun. Printmaking is challenging and really forces you to experiment. Below are a few etchings I have done in the past. The first one I am sure a few of you will recognize.

James McNeill Whistler is known for his paintings, however was more proclaimed for his etchings. Whistler received critical acclaim for his prints; winning a gold metal in the 1863 international exhibition in Amsterdam. Comparisons of his work to Rembrandt were often made to Whistler's side. He started his work in playmaking when working for the US Coastal and Geodetic Survey after being dismissed from West Point from failing chemistry. He tried again to get back into West Point but failed and was also reclined from the Navy. The Survey work consisted of drawing and etching the topographical maps for the government. He lasted there about 4 months and left with excellent skills in etching. Below are a few of his etchings.

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