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The Challenge

To me every piece of artwork I care to create is a challenge. There is always something not quite right with it. I finish a piece and keep going back to it to add this or that or just sand it down to begin again. I doubt if I will really get to that place of satisfaction in my work. The only satisfaction I find is in God's creations as I walk through the beautiful snow covered forest. But, as I try to bring these imagines alive on canvas I continue to struggle. My sister, who is working in pastel and acrylics came up with a challenge for the two of us to share.  The potential work seemed so simple. Simple; was the challenge in and of itself. So, we embarked on painting in our separate studios miles apart. I have not seen my sister's results yet; can't wait to see her marvelous approach. My first attempt is not worth showing. I began again with more composition thumbnails and then building texture on the canvas. This work and the other shown below, has moved my style into …

First Snow of Season

Last night we had about 8-10 inches. Now I can begin to think about painting that snow. Just something moody about painting the grey sky and shades of white covering the ground. Monet captured it well, I placed a few of his painting below.

Here are some photos I took this morning.