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Nearly Complete

I might have managed to pull it off with the fog effect. Between my mental notes, quick oil studies and photo taking; the painting didn't come out half bad. It is at the stage of putting it aside for a while, only to go back to it later. This is the same for the sunset painting. We had fog just a few days ago after a heavy evening rain. The day before I set up my easel to look out over the divide. On the canvas I set up so far I have 2 oil studies completed. There is room for a 3rd study on the same canvas. After I completed the 3rd I will share on a blog post.

Walk in the Light 18" X 24'
Find Grace 16" X 20"

Lewistown Art Center Exhibition - Aug. 16 - Sept. 28

I am excited to announce that these 4 paintings were accepted into the Lewistown Art Center Exhibition August 16 - Sept. 28, 2013.

Gentle Whisper 16" X 16"
Refuge 24" X 18"
Living Water 12" X 16"
Pastel Sky 16" X 20"
The painting below will be in their gift shop. Harvest of Peace 11" X 14"
Harvest of peace, Hebrews 12:11