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In this global world of digital technology and the expanding use of robots, it is nice to see the growing community of creative people working with theirs hands. What a better way to real get those synopsis working in connection with the flow to the hand muscles. Molding and shaping materials in innovative ways and seeing the end results is so rewarding. The Japanese fashion designer Yamamoto, who is known for his avant-garde style, makes a social comment at the last Paris fashion show. His new line of men/women fashions salutes the working class laborers and applause those working with their hands. He wants those of the younger generation to look toward a marketable, trade career.

Lazy Summer Days

While out shoveling and plowing winter's harvest, I was dreaming of that summer landscape. We are never satisfied, we grow tired of winter and want those summer days, then in the heat of July we want just a taste of the winter freeze. Goldilocks comes to mind, we would like it 'just right'.

Top Art Fairs

Check out the Art Fair Calendar's results of their survey, "American's Best Art Fairs".

The results show that the best city for art fairs is Chicago.

Top 20 Art Fairs

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago – June 10 & 11, 2017- “Located in the midst of a beautiful (old architecture) city neighborhood, good food, good music and lots to see beyond the art, enjoy the energy of a major city and the art at the same time.”
The Ann Arbor Art Fairs (all 4), Ann Arbor – July 20-23, 2017 “Huge city-wide art fair, wonderful artists.”One of a Kind Show and Sale, Chicago – Dec. 7-10, 2017 “600+ fabulous artists displaying original work. Need I say more?”Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Winter Park, FL – March 17-19, 2017 “Over 225 of the top artists in the country are selected, the setting for the art festival is amazing, including the best restaurants and the best musical entertainment anywhere.”La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA – Marc…

Life Subtleties

Are you subtle in your approach with criticism or do you take the direct approach? Sometimes subtle is better, it just depends on a few factors. Sometimes nature comes out in a soft quite way. I did not have the ambition to venture outside but was getting antsy. While contemplating that thought, my eyes were glued to watching the way the snow was being blown into subtle patterns outside my window.

To quote Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; 'God is in the details'.Also, 'Less is more'. While I was browsing Mies's architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, another architect, Rem Koolhaas buildings really stood out. Here is a detail from the McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

The Seattle Central Library is another piece of his work, (for my friends in Seattle). 


Research has shown that listening to music stimulates the brain in certain areas, particularly the creative part. Classical music has the best effect; so it seems that Amadeus really 'rocks'.