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Plans Change

Starting out, I was going for a triptych. Well, plans changed as I went along. In essence it wasn’t a true triptych, but all the same, each painting stands on it’s own. Along with using my sketches and photos for reference I find that my imagination comes into play more and more. I will get this sort of dreamy image in my head and I start to sketch up that idea. These current paintings are a product of my methods and dreams.

Draw In

The center of interest in a painting is what draws one into the scene. Think about the early days of advertising when the shop keeper used some sort of figure outside their shop. The wooden Indian is what comes to mind. One of my art professors would always push the idea of using a ‘wooden Indian’ in one’s ad campaign. Just something to draw attention and to say what you are selling. I still see barber shops still using their barber pole in front. In painting, isn't there one main area that got your attention in a scene to drive you to paint it in the first place? For me, I need to start with that bit in the painting. Once I get it right, the rest of the painting begins to fall into place.

I haven’t completed any of the 4 paintings I am working on yet. However, I felt the need to blog and show a detail of 'Blue Moon'.