What's in a Title? and Joaquin Sorolla

'Spring Rain'
16" X 16"

How does one decide a title for an artwork? To me, sometimes it is difficult and other times it is straight forward. Usually, I am sparked by scripture passages especially if the painting evokes a spiritual refrain. Some of my titles just describe the scene, which is not too clever. This first day of May was so spring like that the painting of a rainy scene just had to be 'Spring Rain'. And that title I call not too clever.

I was curious as to what were some of the titles of Joaquin Sorolla's paintings. I have put some of his paintings below. The show "Sorolla and America" will be exhibiting at the San Diego Museum of Art from May 30 to August 26. He was indeed a master of painting people en plain air.

'The White Boat, Javea'
By Joaquin Sorolla

'Running Along the Beach'
By Joaquin Sorolla

'Portrait of Louis Comfort Tiffany'
By Joaquin Sorolla

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