Monet - 'House of Parliament Series'

House of Parliament, Sunlight Effect
Claude Monet

In March 1, 1900, Monet began a series of paintings at sunset. He worked on the ‘House of Parliament Series’ over a month’s time. He started with 44 canvases covered with paint working vigorously to capture the mood. Doing so, he built up the number of canvases to 65 within 3 weeks. The typical London fog atmosphere is what he was after. Many days proved to be a disappointment when there was no fog, but changed with smog for a mist. Not unlike Montana, the weather was constantly changing by the hour. Monet woke up one morning to find roofs white with snow and quickly, a thick fog moved in. The light was changing to a point where he was working on 15 new canvases, putting one down, picking up the next in turn. Monet’s frustrations grew by the hour as he painted. Some of his paintings he decided were too awful to continue with. As with most artists, sometimes the next day looks brighter. At the end of March, Monet left London only to return the following year to complete more paintings in his series.

Claude Monet

House of Parliament, Sunset

House of Parliament, Stormy Sky
House of Parliament, Reflections on the Thames

House of Parliament, Fog Effect

House of Parliament, Effect of Sunlight
House of Parliament, Seagulls

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