Monet made water lilies famous. What artist that is enamored by his series can’t help but try a water lily piece. Well, here is my take on the scene. These are Montana water lilies with my technique coming to the surface.

The first stage I kept more of the contrasting warm colors in the under painting. Next I worked on the designing of the shapes for the composition. With each layer, I worked on bringing out the values. Slowly I worked in the edges. It was a fun piece despite the challenge. No comparison to Monet and it wasn’t meant to be, but I just had to include some of his.

Water-Lilies (detail), By Claude Monet, ~1920
Water-Lilies (detail), By Claude Monet,

Water-Lily Pond, By Claude Monet,

Water-Lilies (detail), By Claude Monet,

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