Studio Alone

Abyss,   oil, 16" X 12"

A friend this morning shared her experiences in being a teacher. She realized that she must be on her game; and fully motivated before starting her 6AM physical training class. She finds that listening to speeches like; Admiral McRaven’s commencement speech, really gets her motivated to where she can transfer that onto her students.

Some find it spiritually in reading ‘The Word’, some find it from other people like my friend’s way, others may find it in a walk among the aspens. Wherever or whatever you find it, hold on to it. That spark of hope is what will sustain you. We are lost without hope.

We are all given gifts along the way that are a way out of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless. For me my way out is diving into artwork. If I can consume myself into the process fully, I feel more at peace. That momentary escape refreshes and renews. I also feel a bit stronger to confront the next step in resolving the issues before me. There are times that I thought about doing something else other than art. So far I have not found anything that fulfills me the way art does. And it seems that creating is my main constant. Finally, I am back in my studio immersed in work. Just feel the silence or a bit of Mozart. How lovely it is to sink into my imaginative abyss.

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