Feel Good Art

It feels good to squeeze out the blobs of paint on my palette, arranging them in groups of warm and cool. I pick up the palette knife to mix pools of colors from the color scheme in my head.  From here, I approach the blank canvas now with full confidence. I begin to create the scene that is patently waiting to emerge from the slumber of my gray matter. With brush in hand I begin, laying down stroke after stroke, not afraid to fall into the canvas. Layer upon layer of paint the image takes hold. Soon the painting seems to take on a life of it’s own. It speaks to me with needs,  ”Give me more detail in the center of interest” or “I need more warmth in the foreground”. So it goes on and on, pausing for the paint to dry before the next go around. Beginning with bold broad strokes and ending with confidently bold, dense brush strokes.

A collector once told me that, “ Your paintings make me feel good”. When my painting starts to work out and at a point of finishing, I too feel good. The language of art is speaking through the work, how marvelous.

Barn in Fall
12" X 16"

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