Anders Zorn - Etchings and Paintings

The Society of Painters and Etchers was formed in 1880. Their main agenda was to promote printmaking as an original art form. Printmaking seems to becoming more popular, especially among painters these days. While in England around 1880, Anders Zorn met up with a fellow Swede, Axel Herman Haig. Haig was one of the founders of the Society. He taught Zorn how to etch, as Haig was an excellent, self-taught, prolific etcher. Zorn was casually interested at first and did not take it up seriously until he was established in Paris, 1888. Below I have put etchings and paintings by Zorn side by side for comparisons. One example is a sketch and etching.

Zorn superimposed his portrait on the dancer in ‘The Waltz’. He wrote in his autobiography notes, “ I particularly recall my efforts with that troublesome task: the waltz. I was fond of dancing and wanted to attempt a study in movement using scenes from society balls I had attended in Paris. It was always the same crowded mess in the ballroom; you couldn’t take many steps without being pushed out of time. You had to move to an antechamber to dance in peace, and this is the kind of intimate scene I wanted to portray.” ‘The Waltz’, in oil, was exhibited in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair with the etching exhibiting in Paris Societe des Peintres-Graveurs Francais and the New York gallery of Frederick Keppel’s.

'Study of Rosita Maure', Graphite and Etching, 1889

'Omnibus', Oil and Etching, 1892

'Jean-Baptiste Faure', Oil and Etching, 1891

'Self Portrait with Model', Oil 1896, Etching 1899

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