Water Color Sketches

Water color takes a lot of patience. I find that I can handle quick sketches for reference later in studio paintings. My little kit for outdoor sketching consists of 3-4 brushes, water colors in an enclosed palette, water jar, paper towel, and felt pen and pencil. Before going out the door I put on a wide brim hat and good hiking shoes/boots. My 2 faithful traveling companions usually, if not always, accompany me on the journey. The dogs are a good deal more than company, they help to alarm and warn off bears. We are in bear country and one must take precautions. Interesting enough, I just heard that the bears are moving down off the front range into the prairies in north central Montana. One place you will not find them is in my paintings.

This sketch book I have been using is nice heavy rough water color paper bound in a stiff book binding. Once I finish this book I will look for one with a spiral binding. The spiral binding is easier to work with, to fold flat, thus staying open. There are many products to choose from in the way of sketch books on the market.

Here are a few of the sketches I did recently. I plan on going out today to create more; it is such a beautiful day.

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