Anders Zorn, Swedish artist

My maternal grandmother was from Sweden. In 1925 she took my mother (born in the US), back to her homeland by ship for a visit. Wish I could have asked more about that trip in detail when they were both living. Bless them both dearly. My mother kept a couple of the menus from the ship's voyage. These were illustrated with Swedish paintings.
The one menu had a painting by Anders Zorn on the cover. Below is the scan of the menu; not printed in color in those days.

A bit interesting to see these and makes me wonder about the voyage. How fascinating that must have been for my mother and grandmother.

Anders Zorn (February 18, 1860 – August 22, 1920) was a Swedish painter and printmaker. Some of his paintings remind me of John Singer Sargent's paintings and I wonder if they ever met. I must do some research on that for curiosity. I did find a photo of the original painting on the menu; 'After the Bath'

Here are more paintings by Anders Zorn

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