Color Shift, Oil, 20" X 20"
While waiting for one thing, I must be busy doing something else. Not sure what I am waiting for at the moment other that motivation. I started another painting yesterday and got it to a point where I felt good about the under-painting. At that point I needed to stop for the day. Now I am procrastinating on getting back into the painting. Perhaps I am just a bit afraid I will ruin the good start. Well, when I feel that way I have learned that I just need to take a chance. Be bold and the painting is better for it. If I hesitate with trepidation the painting ends up looking timid and weak. The look of spontaneity is gone. So far in the past few weeks I began 3 different paintings for my fall series. Just one of those worked out. Another one I abandoned completely and the third I started over with a clean idea.

In the mean time I dump it on a blog for all to read. Bravely, I am including in this blog one of the paintings that worked and a few previous paintings on the same theme.

End of Day, Oil, 20" X 16"

I wait for the season to change into Autumn. My favorite.

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