Fly High

This particular hawk is Hyla. She resides at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson. Hyla is one of many raptors in the Raptor Free Flight. There birds of prey can be observed from behind metal gates while they swoop over head going towards handlers for feed. Hyla is a ferruginous hawk rescued after falling from a nest in Montana. The ferruginous hawks live in a habitat of native shrub land and grassland which is shrinking.

A friend of the family took the hawk photos which I used for reference. I used other photos of mine to compose the hawk over water. My aim was to keep with a high key color scheme and, as always, keep it simple. Painting high-key is to hold back on the darker values. I did use dark values sparingly, mostly on the hawk. Still in progress, but close to the finish.

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