Life Subtleties

Are you subtle in your approach with criticism or do you take the direct approach? Sometimes subtle is better, it just depends on a few factors. Sometimes nature comes out in a soft quite way. I did not have the ambition to venture outside but was getting antsy. While contemplating that thought, my eyes were glued to watching the way the snow was being blown into subtle patterns outside my window.

To quote Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; 'God is in the details'. Also, 'Less is more'. While I was browsing Mies's architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, another architect, Rem Koolhaas buildings really stood out. Here is a detail from the McCormick Tribune Campus Center.


The Seattle Central Library is another piece of his work, (for my friends in Seattle). 

By DVD R W at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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