'Keep Going'

It is always nice to receive that acceptance letter. Usually there are more than one page so you know as soon as you open the envelope whether it is good news or bad. Why do we need that approval or measure that we are on par with the rest of the culture? Not sure, but it seems to be a boost to keep going. Sometimes in life you get good advice; one for me was that, 'when you are in a slump, keep going'. Sort of similar to, 'this too shall pass'.
These letters also start out with 'congratulations'. Sort of an applause that we have done good. A sure sign of news we like to hear.

My letter came from the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT. They accepted 2 of my paintings into their 20th Annual Art Auction Fundraiser, March 9th. I am pleased.

These are the 2 works:
'5Loaves, 2 Fishes', 16" X 20", Oil, framed

'Warm Waters', 12" X 16", Oil, gallery wrap

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