Thieves Caught on Camera

The notorious ‘Raven’ gang was caught on camera this morning as they vandalized our private property. One of the perpetrators tried to cover up the security cameras as the crime was being carried out.

We had no idea that this was the work of the ‘Ravens’, or birds, no less, until caught.
These guys are really ruthless.

We had 3 signs that were on plastic or heavy waterproof paper. Two are in the left side on the gate posts. The third is on the right gate post. Watch closely on those 2 areas and see how the birds are tearing them down.

Raven Habitat

Broad range of habitats: boreal, conifer, and deciduous forests; tundra; prairies and grasslands; isolated settlements, towns, and cities; deserts; sea coasts and islands; agricultural fields; Arctic ice floes; and the highest mountains. It is one of the most widespread naturally occurring birds in the world (Boarman and Heinrich 1999). Birds descend into valleys in the winter (Davis 1961, Skaar 1969).

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