'Wind and Bones' Show

The Radius Gallery in Missoula has accepted 3 of my paintings into their 'Winds and Bones' show.
Here is a take from their web site, http://radiusgallery.com.


Oct 3 - Nov 16

A new show paying tribute to Montana writer James Welch, whose poetry was once described as having a lot of "wind and bones" in it. Intrigued by the suggestion of strength, energy and space, we offered this provocative notion to visual artists in Montana and asked them to respond.
Below are my 3 paintings.
'Empowered' 16" X 20", Oil on panel, gallery wrap

'Exalted' 15" X 15", Oil on panel, gallery wrap

'Purple Majesty' 16" X 16", Oil on panel

'He caused an east wind to blow in the heaven: and by his power he brought in the south wind'
Psalm 78:26

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