Art Competitions and Judging

16 X 20

The NOAPS just published a good article/blog on past art competitions and jurying rules. They included these 6 points from ancient China.

These six elements that define a painting were written in China in 550 by Hsieh Ho, also known as Xie He. They are applicable today.
1.         Spirit Resonance,” or vitality, and seems to translate to the nervous energy transmitted from the artist into the work. The overall energy of a work of art. Xie He said that without Spirit Resonance, there was no need to look further.
2.         Bone Method,” or the way of using the brush. This refers not only to texture and brush stroke, but to the close link between handwriting and personality. In his day, the art of calligraphy was inseparable from painting.
3.         Correspondence to the Object,” or the depicting of form, which would include shape and line.
4.         Suitability to Type,” or the application of color, including layers, value and tone.
5.         Division and Planning,” or placing and arrangement, corresponding to composition, space and depth.
6.            Transmission by Copying,” or the copying of models, not only from life but also the works of antiquity.

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