The Concept

Concept  1. A general notion or idea.  2. An idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct.  3. A theme or image.
The concept is the most important element in the art piece. Technique alone will not make the art piece. All of this was drilled into us in art school.  Sometime I begin a painting with what I think is a good idea/concept, only to get half way into it to find it is just not working. Is this because of the concept or the methods and procedure I am using to carry out the concept? The answer to that question varies which each piece.

My technique is constantly evolving as I grow in art. Each artist is different in his or her methods and procedures in creating. Cheng-Khee Chee wrote in a recent article, (‘A Crinkle in The Works’, Artist’s Magazine, Nov 2013) “The differences between traditional Eastern and Western approaches to landscape painting go beyond materials and techniques. It’s been said that the traditional Western landscape painting is literal, with artists setting their easels outdoors and painting what they see in the open air. The traditional Chinese approach is idealistic. Artists keenly observe the subject, but they also wonder at, feel, and experience the landscape…paint intuitively in their studios.” My approach is definitely more idealistic. What is your approach?

Below is a recent painting I completed. Yes, to idealistic.

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