Third Time is the Charm?

Art is a progression from start to finish, layering color after color. The whole process tries my patience as I just think, is it ever going to come together. I build on self- discipline to keep going at it, not to give up too soon. Patience is key; I tell my dog the same thing. He looks up at me with those doe eyes trying to decipher what I am saying. ‘Blahh, blahh, blahh,’  then he cocks his head in confusion. ‘Wait!’ is the command he gets all too often and wait he does because ‘wait’ he understands.
So, I wait for the various paint layers to dry. Perhaps I should slowly switch over to painting with acrylics.

The painting you see below has gone through 3 renditions of finished. I did receive a good critique from a fabulous artist who lives in the Seattle area. Maybe it is finished, but when are you through with a painting? Some say when you sign it. I have not signed it as yet. 

12" X 16"

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